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Yüzyıllar boyunca farklı medeniyetlerin başkentliğini yapan, benzersiz bir kültürel ve sosyal çeşitliliğe sahip İstanbul, seyahatle ilgilenen herkese ilham veriyor. Batı ve doğru kültürleri arasında bir köprü olan şehrin, genç nüfusu ve modern yüzüyle herkese sunacak bir şeyi var.

A city that served as the capital of different civilizations, Istanbul with its unique cultural and social diversity inspires people all around the World. Incorporating the cultures of East and West, she offers something for everyone. ​

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Management Consultant and travel blogger

Hi there! I'm an Istanbul enthusiast, proud owner of "The Best Istanbul" blog ( ), and a management consultant by profession. My passion for the city and love for travel have led me to share my experiences and insights through my writing. In my free time, you can find me exploring the streets of Istanbul or Berlin and discovering new hidden gems. I hope to connect with others who share my passion for this amazing city.

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