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Lexie Savic
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My name is Lexie and I'm originally from outside of Atlanta. I hold a master's in International Business Management. I have worked in the travel sector for about 7 years in Copenhagen, Denver, and now France. I have worked in travel planning, consulting for international travel companies, B2B sales and marketing in the travel and hospitality sectors, and MICE. I love this industry and excited to see it grow and evolve!

February 2017
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I'm hoping to meet people who share my passion for exploring the world and learning more about the industry and growing both my personal and professional network.


  • Just following up - I used it to plan a recent family trip to Portugal. I love it! I think its really user friendly and has everything that I need to plan the trip. I saw your comment above about monetizing it. There are definitely certain features th... show more

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    Plan Harmony 8 months ago

  • It looks like exactly what I need in my life! I just created an account and am exciting to test it out!

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    Plan Harmony 9 months ago

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