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Islandle Guess the island based on its shape or aerial view

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🏝 This is a game based on WORLDLE and BABELLE. However, instead of guessing the country, you must guess the island.

Every day there will be a new island, atoll, or set of islands to guess. You will be given direction, distance, and relative population in order to guess the location in 10 tries. The use of Google Maps/Earth is encouraged.

A new ISLANDLE will be available every day.

📲 Made by Prince Komali (komali.dev)

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Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

This is another fun worldle-type game — a good way to learn more islands around the world as well!

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Founder, Travel Massive

As someone who lives on an island, I have to give this game a 👍

It seems harder than other geo guessing games! Best used on desktop to make use of the autocomplete.

1 year ago
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