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You Could Travel Mid-luxury travel website for couples, featuring tips and recommendations

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We are Cory and Greg, the couple behind You Could Travel. We are a husband and wife team who love nothing more than traveling and discovering new parts of the world together. As content creators and photographers, we love capturing and sharing the beauty of our adventures with others.

In addition to offering a wealth of travel information, we also share personal anecdotes and insights from our own travels. We hope that by sharing our own experiences, we can provide a more relatable and personalized perspective for our readers.

When we're not traveling, you can find us reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, or hitting the road for a good old-fashioned road trip. Our goal is to inspire and guide you to embark on your own travels with loved ones, discover new cultures, and create meaningful experiences.

👋 Learn more about us at www.youcouldtravel.com/about

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Travel Blogger, You Could Travel

Hi! We are Cory and Greg, the co-founders of You Could Travel. Cory is the marketing and blogging enthusiast and Greg is the technical mastermind.

We share our travel guides, tips and recommendations from Harrogate, UK. We enjoy travelling as a couple and our favourite way is by road tripping across the world. We do travel and blog full time as this is our main source of income. We wouldn't want it any other way.

Our style of travel is mid-luxury. We try to get a good deal at a 4/5 star hotel and aim to upgrade our flights as often as possible. We never stay in hostels or budget accommodation, although we won't shy away from a really cool camping experience in the middle of nowhere.

Our dream destination is Antarctica, although we'd be happy to settle for anywhere remote and gorgeous.

Nice to meet you and thanks for having us here!

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Hey! I actually read quite a few of your articles while searching for different locations! Loved it and although I am far from a lux traveller I still found it very useful on many occasions! So when I noticed you here I decided t say hello :)

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Travel Blogger, You Could Travel

Thank you so much, Patrycja. That's the kindest message <3 I'm so happy you found the articles helpful. I do hope our paths will cross at some point, maybe at a travel conference. Hugs and safe travels. Cory :)

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👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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