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Heidi Lewis
Tourism Photographer, heidi who photos

I’m a tourism and lifestyle photographer. I work with tourism, government, food and editorial. I also teach others photography through workshops and my online Better Pics for Business eCourse and workshops. In my heidi who travels blog, I inspire people in all things photography, travel, and life.


- I love travelling and exploring new places. I like to plan my next trip while still on a trip.
- I have an ongoing love affair with the ocean. I love to surf.
- I (attempt) to meditate and do yoga.
- I love latin dance too. I take salsa and bachata classes.
- Double shot macchiato please. Or, double shot coconut milk latte. But it has to be strong.
- I’m not much of a morning person, but love the photos I can get when I do get up.
- I love raw, whole, ‘hippy' foods.
- Hiking is great for my body and mind.
- I am not good in the kitchen.
- I’ve lived in four countries on three continents.
- Did I mention I also really love adventure and exploring new places?

I have 17 years experience in taking photos of all kinds. I have worked with News Limited, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, various magazines, hotel chains, boutique hotels, tour operators and government. I also have written travel articles for magazines.

In 2008 I was awarded my Associateship at the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. I've given workshops to food and tourism operators, helping them take better photos with their iPhones and cameras. I have also created my eCourse Better Pics for Business to help people learn online.

Now, I am living my dream, but it wasn’t always this way. I worked hard and never gave up. Above all, I have passion.

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I love travel, exploring, and telling everyone about the secrets (and not so secret) of the world.