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Angela Wilson
Founder & CEO, Exploryst
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Co-founder of Exploryst, the single source of truth database for disability-specific travel details worldwide.

August 2022
Denver, CO
People with disabilities should be able to benefit from inclusion into the tourism industry.


  • Are there any upcoming events that people want to share? If not, let's schedule one. I am in the Denver metro area and would love to get together.

  • The words "accessible" and "inclusive" can mean different things to different people. For example, a ramp does not make an activity accessible to someone deaf or hard of hearing. ASL translation services will not support someone in a walker that has low... show more

  • I'm interested in hosting a meeting regarding ways for tourism and hospitality industry businesses can be more inclusive to the 64+ million US consumers with disabilities. Within the US, people with disabilities control $490 Billion in annual disposab... show more

  • I also believe that everything will be infinitely more accessible for people with disabilities, that includes physical, vision, hearing, sensory, mental health, and more.

  • I am building, the "TripAdvisor for disabilities" platform to provide the details that people with disabilities require to confidently research and book their travel. Disabilities is unfortunately something that is routinely left o... show more