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Would you agree with ChatGPT on these top MICE destinations?

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I recently asked ChatGPT for its top-10 of destinations for MICE (this is a sub-sector of tourism dealing with conferences and corporate events), and here what I got:

1. Iceland
2. Morocco
3. Vietnam
4. Costa Rica
5. Peru
6. Croatia / Slovenia
7. New Zealand
8. Thailand
9. Canada
10. Oman

what do you think, does this fit your own idea of where to bring corporate teams for a thrilling experience?

1 month ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Looks like a solid list to me.

I’m not sure I’d rely on ChatGPT for this task though, as it’s not really data-driven (afaik, ChatGPT is mostly semantically driven, based on what it scraped off the web).

For meeting destinations I’d be looking for these sorts of data points:

a) source destinations + proximity and connectivity
b) available conference venues
c) accommodation capacity
d) experiences etc
e) size of meeting (eg conference, or a team retreat)
f) type of meeting (eg, workshops, or team building)

Perhaps you can prompt ChatGPT for more specific scenarios and see what it comes up with?

1 month ago (edited)

one could reason that ChatGPT, being a semantic model, compiles the list based on some opinions from inside the depths of its knowledge, so that though created mechanically, it could represent some attempt at a consensus of several existing points of view.

another limitation in that regard is that if ChatGPT is using opinions available in 2021, they must represent analyses from some 5 years ago or even further back.

I would certainly agree with you that much depends of a specific type of event, here's what I got for a 40-person team-building:

Barcelona, Spain
Bangkok, Thailand
Dubai, UAE
Queenstown, New Zealand
Austin, USA
Bali, Indonesia
Cape Town, South Africa
Vienna, Austria
Montreal, Canada
Tokyo, Japan

1 month ago
Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, HYVΓ„ Coaching & Consulting

That AI - if building team in Europe - must be taken to Lapland ;=)!

29 days ago
Co-founder of MNE Chapter, CEO, HYVΓ„ Coaching & Consulting

I second IanΒ΄s suggestions. For European source markets - Finland, Germany, France are definitely missing. And: Croatia & Slovenia are two different countries - both with distinctive strengths - but not the same!

1 month ago

that's an interesting point. though many DMCs serve both Croatia and Slovenia, they definitely provide very different experiences. which may bring us to the question of how broadly we should define destinations to account for diversity - whether it should be cities, provinces, countries or regions

take Spain - it offers Andalusia, Catalonia, old Castile and the Atlantic coast, which are very different settings with very different character

29 days ago

I would say yes to number 10 because I live in Oman! It's a great place for team building because there are so many different kinds of experiences here.

23 days ago