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Seeking recommendations for Germany in September with kids

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Online Journalist, In Transit Travel + Food Blog

I'm looking for your best recs of things to do/experience in Munich, Bavaria and Berlin when traveling with young kids. We will be Germany for Oktoberfest and then visiting the castles in Bavaria, then spending a couple days in Berlin for the history!

Even better if you can provide recommendations of places to find great vegetarian food!

I am open to tour operators/guides/app developers to reach out to me as well for any partnership opportunities or providing any background information that I can incorporate into future blog posts. Also open to working with them to set up a customized tour for me and my family.

1 month ago

Hi Amritha, Recently I have been to Mexico with my family and I also did hire a tour guide as I can't speak Spanish that well. I got my guide from here He was really passionate about his work. I genuinely loved there support also. You can give it a go also Hopefully you will have a great time there. Or if you want different guide provider try looking it in TripAdvisor. There are vast amount of guides also.

19 days ago
Travel Blogger, That Adventure Couple

We also plan to go to Oktoberfest this year!!! We have a friend in Munich that will be taking us to a few castles. We plan on doing a hop on/hop off tour there! Here's a link to one we are looking into --

1 month ago (edited)

I offer the culinary bike tour to the eco village which is fun for kids and I offer the floating spa near Berlin which is great fun!

1 month ago
Online Journalist, In Transit Travel + Food Blog

Do you have a seat in the back that kids can sit in if the adults are pedaling? My kids are 2 and 4 and don't yet know how to bike.

20 days ago
Marketing & Communications, Travel Massive / Lisa Hรผbner Consulting

Berlin Food Stories always has great recommendations for good restaurants and you can filter for vegetarian ones as well:

Brandenburg Gate is impressive and you could go into nearby Tiergarten so the kids can run around after. Our kids love the Naturkundemuseum (good for all ages), the Technikmuseum (school aged and up) and the Tierpark (the zoo in the East).

Have a great time!

29 days ago (edited)
Market and Media Manager International Markets, Munich Tourist Office

Hi Amritha, I am working for the city of Munich (tourist office) and I just want to jump in to give you a few last-minute ideas for your trip to Munich:
- the Oktoberfest is a huge fairground, one half of it the "beer street", the other one is the "roundabout street", where you might find more joy with kids. However all beer tents have outdoor premises which are suitable to go with kids. Find some info especially for families at
- In the south of the festival area there is a place called "Oide Wiesn", which is definitely the best place to go with kids: laid back, very traditional (
- it would be a pity if you would only see the Oktoberfest when in Munich, so maybe you also check our ideas for families with kids (
- last but not least: if you need any further assistance, please contact our media team (we do not support trips during Oktoberfest, but we definitely assist and give helpful contacts!)
Have a nice time in Germany...

14 days ago
Online Journalist, In Transit Travel + Food Blog

This is great! Thank you SO much. I was able to book a table at the Hofbrau tent during the day, just to experience the Oktoberfest activities. Have booked a private tour of neuschwanstein castle from fussen and some walking tours. Your recommendations are excellent, and I will be sure to check them out and report back!

10 days ago
Affiliate Marketing Manager, VisitorsCoverage

If your kids enjoy the outdoors I'd recommend going to the German Alps. When I did a study abroad there for a summer we stayed in a cabin in the Alps for about 1 week. It was gorgeous there. It also was great proximity to Neuschwanstein Castle which is the main inspiration behind the design of the castle at Disneyland which that fact would probably make it the most interesting castle to kids. Another fun thing to do is catch a Rhine river cruise. You can stop in Cologne to see the most beautiful church in Germany in my opinion, Kรถlner Dom, as well as see many wineries and castles along the river.