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What’s new in Bangkok?
Share your BKK travel tips for 2022
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4 months ago

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Founder, Travel Massive

I’m in Bangkok for the next week!

It’s my first time back in over two years, so I’m curious about what’s new to check out 😀

Please share any tips (must be new, Eg < 6 months) of restaurants, rooftop bars, shops, sightseeing, etc here.

I’ll add to this thread if I come across anything new to share, too!

4 months ago (edited)
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Now is a great time to visit in my opinion. If you are fully vaccinated you can visit without a PCR test or quarantine. 2019 saw 40 million visitors, today it is a small fraction of that number. I recently drove from Bangkok to Phuket over 3 weeks with a lot of stops. You can expect some good prices and a lot less tourists.

4 months ago
Creative Director, I Like Local

Hey Ian,

I saw that The Standard opened up a new property in Bangkok...which I think could be a good spot to add to your list!

Here's a write-up in Dezeen:

Safe travels!

4 months ago (edited)
Co-Founder & Photographer, Love and Road

Hello Ian,
How was your trip? Any finds you wanna share?

1 month ago
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