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February 2022
Small group tours in Albania and the Balkans

See Trips provides small group tours in the southeast Europe region (Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia and Bulgaria). We create memorable experiences by combining local culture, nature, and fun in co-operation with local businesses and tour guides.

🌍 Memorable tours for small groups in Albania and the Balkans
🏛 Cultural tours
⛰ Hiking tours
⛪ City tours

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5 months ago

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Travel consultant & Tour guide, See Trips

Tungjatjeta (Hello in Albanian, meaning "may your life get longer")

After traveling in 36 countries and 3 continents around the globe, I decided to settle in my home Albania and create a travel agency. While exploring famous and lesser known places, I realized that people travel more to create memories and fill their soul. With this in mind, I focus to create experiences for small groups of tourists combining culture and local communities together. Join now to create unforgettable memories in Albania and the Balkans.

6 months ago
Adviser, Coach, Association of accommodation

Our Balkans have a wonderful nature and history. We are especially recognized for the hospitality and emotions we give to tourists. When it comes to food, it is mostly organic, from small local producers and tourists find completely forgotten tastes of real food.. Good luck in your mission )

6 months ago
Travel consultant & Tour guide, See Trips

Thank you, Branka. The Balkans is indeed a multi-diverse region to be explored. Each traveler feels different around these countries.

6 months ago
Adviser, Coach, Association of accommodation

Gezim you have right. Explore and enjoy with your groups )

6 months ago
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