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Wayclix Plan your trip easily within your budget

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Wayclix helps you find flights, transfer types and accomodation within your desired budget.

Our CEO, Nikolay (with 25 years experience in air traffic control) wanted people to be able to book a trip, a hotel, and to find a transfer within a few clicks and within a budget. We have the solution and our mission from now on is to make your trip planning as pleasant as possible!

πŸ‘‰ Learn more about Wayclix on our blog: www.wayclix.com/blog

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CEO, wayclix.com

Hello, my name is Nikolay and I am the founder of Wayclix.

I created the platform with a single goal - to facilitate the organizational process of trips that take days.

Most travel websites are like shops with crowded shelves. First shelf - flights, second - hotels, third - car rental, etc. On which are placed the huge pile of all existing puzzle pieces on the market, and at the front of the shelf you see the pieces whose owners have paid to see.

To find your solution, you have to dig into each pile. All the while choosing a new puzzle piece, you need to check if it will fit the whole picture and budget of your future trip. And on top of that, you have to do this check in your mind.

At Wayclix you choose only from the puzzle pieces that can be connected together and are suitable for your overall budget. On your display you you initially see a ready-made picture, which you can constantly change to your liking, by choosing from the possible pieces of the puzzle.

Everything happens before your eyes and you don't have to imagine it!

How does Wayclix work?

The interface of Wayclix is designed so that all the time while planning you will see on the screen how the change of each of the elements of the future trip (flight, transfer, accommodation) is reflected in the whole picture of the plan and the overall budget.

Once you enter the dates, destination, number of passengers and your total budget, you will receive an initial offer including flight, accommodation and (something few other platforms offer !!!) an option for transport between the airport and the accommodation. All this, pre-calculated and combined in a total price as close as possible to your pre-set budget.

You can change each of the elements of the original offer (flight, transfer and accommodation) and adjust them according to your requirements. So you can decide to spend more or less money than pre-set, such as changing the category of the hotel or choose the most convenient flight for you instead of the cheapest.

✈️ Fly

Initially we display the cheapest option for the dates and number of travelers you have chosen. Then you can filter and arrange all possible flights, choosing the most convenient for you.

🏨 Accommodation

Wayclix displays accommodation differently to typical hotel booking engines.

We show the closest opportunity with a price that fills the pre-set budget, and accommodation is as close as possible to the city center.

Clicking on any of the alternatives makes it current and the more expensive and cheaper options appear on the map again. This allows you to view all the possibilities in the area without being distracted by unnecessary information.

🚌 Transfer (from and to the airport)

You can set the type of transfer you want at the beginning of the search. We combine public transport (default), taxis, Uber and Rent-a-Car.

πŸ“ Save the plan

Not all reservations are made immediately β€” sometimes this process is delayed for days (or weeks) and prices change over time.

Wayclix allows you to fill in the prices of the reservations made so far (in the price field next to the Book button) for the respective stages. You can save your plan, and when you come back to it later the prices of non-reserved items will be updated.

We have also made a clear presentation of the entire prepared plan which you can share with friends by e-mail or through social networks.

You can print the plan on paper in a convenient format (maps of all stages are included with added information important to you).

I would be glad if you could take a look at our site and share your recommendations and criticisms 😊

1 year ago (edited)
Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

Great to see cool travel tech projects coming from Bulgaria πŸ™Œ

1 year ago
CEO, wayclix.com

Thank you very much :)! We do our best.
Testing, feedback, opinions, suggestions for improvements and sharing of our project from the travel community will be invaluable to us.
Our goal is to take the travel planning industry to the next level by creating a "connected travel" solution based on the traveler's desired budget.

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Nikolay and team, thanks for sharing Wayclix on Travel Massive!

A few questions / feedbacks:

1. The interface is very professional looking and robust, well done on that. I know how hard it is to pull in all the search results and make it easy for the user to understand and use. Bravo.

2. Are you limited to Skyscanner results, or do you have plans to extend your platform from other providers?

3. What is your revenue model? Since you mention a "premium account" I was curious what that usually would cost... perhaps you need a pricing page to demonstrate your value proposition?

PS: I tried making a plan from Tasmania to Berlin to get to ITB Berlin in March, but it was $5k+ USD 😒.... of course that's not your fault!

1 year ago (edited)
CEO, wayclix.com

Hi Ian,

Great to have feedback from you. This is very encouraging for us. Thanks!

- For now, our project is at MVP state and we have an integrated skyscanner.net content and we intend to add more content providers as the project develops (we have already signed commercial contracts with some of them). This is also one of the main goals - to combine content from the maximum number of travel metasearch engines to show the best offers to the user, without having to directly show and compare the offers of different sources.

- The revenue model is a combination of affiliate commission sharing from content providers, a freemium subscription model for individual users witch includes paid premium features (more slots for saved travel plans in the profile, automatic price updates for "un-booked so far" travel stages and automated push messages to users with this information - currently under development, multi-city and multi-stage planning with different types of transport (planes, buses, trains, cars or rental cars ...) - also a future goal, several options to share the travel plan with other users etc.).

We are also working on the idea of a B2B solution for offline travel agencies with the necessary features to facilitate their work.

- currently everyone who signs up gets a Premium account and lifetime free access to all current and future features of the platform. These users will help us a lot in the development of the project and they deserve it.
Once we gain popularity and traction, we intend to "close" the free option and introduce an annual subscription for the premium features. Estimated annual subscription (€39) is shown on the "profile" page and is available after registration.

- I regret the high price received for the trip to Berlin :( . At the moment, the first result we shows include accommodation near the city center. An option to reduce the overall budget is to move the map and look for accommodation in parts of the city that are not so attractive.

1 year ago (edited)

I'll have to take a more detailed look, but impressive site. So will all car rental options come from only Kayak? I do like how you have all options available to check for the price

1 year ago
CEO, wayclix.com

Hi Erin,
Thanks for your comment!
Yes, for now car rental content only comes from kayak.com. Our long-term goal is to include more sources (including for flights and accommodation) so that users can get the best prices for their specific geographic location.

1 year ago
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