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Touristology On & Off The Internet

A newsletter written by tourism students
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February 2022
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Touristology is a newsletter exploring human leisure activities on & off the Internet. Written by tourism students from around the world.

We explore the following topics: Technology, Experiences, Culture, Marketing, Work, Productivity and Leisure, Innovation in Tourism, and Remote Work.

Who is this newsletter for?

👩‍💻 Travel professionals and businesses - who want to:
• Stay up to date on trends in the industry
• Gain insight into the GenZ generation that writes this newsletter
• Learn more about Web3.0 in the travel industry
• Be informed about innovations in the industry

📚 Students - join our community and:
• Use materials from the newsletter in your university projects
• Join the student team behind the Newsletter in the Discord community
• Propose new ideas to improve the newsletter (do not be afraid!)
• Contribute news you find interesting (your news may be selected for publication in the newsletter)

👉 Subscribing to the newsletter:
💬 Join our Discord community:

The project is supported by UP FTŠ sTOUdio Turistica and FromZero Mentors.

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Marketing Coordinator, FromZero

Hi Travel Massive community!

I am Zarja Bašelj, a tourism student and co-creator of Touristology On and Off the internet newsletter. This newsletter is meant for anyone interested in latest trends in tourism, technology, remote work, marketing and much more. It is prepared by tourism students, however anyone is welcome to contribute and share their expertise.

Right now we are preparing to launch our 3rd edition of the newsletter on 28th February, so subscribe to get the latest news!

1 year ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Zara, thanks for sharing your newsletter with the Travel Massive community.

I just subscribed and joined the discord... looking forward to receiving the next issue!

PS: I noticed that you're hosting your newsletter with Mailchimp... have you looked into Substack? If you're just starting out it might be worth looking into as it's a great platform for newsletter communities with better UX.

1 year ago (edited)
Marketing Coordinator, FromZero

Hi Ian. Thank you for your suggestion. We will definitely look into it and try it out!

That is what our community is all about! Learning by doing, and having a strong, highly motivated community with new ideas right there, to help each other improve.

So thank you for your suggestion and welcome to our community!

1 year ago