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Photorealistic AI Generated Travel Video

A demo of Google Maps 3D tiles API and ChatGPT
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Founder, Travel Massive

Here's an interesting video created by Nils Bakker (a 3D designer based in the Netherlands) that uses Google's Photorealistic 3D Tiles API, launched last week.

The software prompts the user for a place to visit, then creates an animated fly-through, using Unreal Engine guided by ChatGPT output.

He writes: "Using Unreal Engine 5.1, I embarked on a technical adventure when the Google Maps 3D tiles API was released. With an ambitious goal in mind, I challenged myself to complete this project within a tight one-week deadline."

Learn how the video was made over at:

Google 3D Tiles:

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3 months ago
Travel Video, Filmmaker + Host, TravelingJules Productions LLC

Wow! This is cool! Not great for motion sickness but awesome to see how this works! Thanks for sharing!

3 months ago