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Spotted by Locals
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December 2021
City guides with insider tips by locals in 80+ cities

Handpicked city loving locals who write about their favorite spots!

Spotted by Locals (since 2008) is a series of blogs & apps by volunteer locals in 81 cities. And an awesome community!

Spotters live in the city they write about, speak the local language and write only about their current local favorite spots. Strictly non-commercial.

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1 month ago
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Co-founder & CEO, Spotted by Locals

This is Bart - co-founder of Spotted by Locals and a very lucky guy... Since 2008 I've been traveling around (with Sanne - my wife and co-founder) to meet lovely volunteer locals in "our" 80+ cities who joined our project. Ask me any questions you may have!

1 month ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Bart, great to have Spotted with Locals featured on Travel Massive. Your community of Spotters looks like an awesome bunch! Do you have any tips for people thinking about building communities for their travel brands?

1 month ago
Co-founder & CEO, Spotted by Locals

Thanks Ian, I'm delighted too :) Nice question! My top tip would be to it possible and encourage community members to meet in person. Every 2 years we organize a weekend for all our Spotters around the world. Spotters meet each other frequently when they visit another Spotted by Locals city. And currently we have 6 Spotters who met via Spotted by Locals who got married, and 3 Spotter babies :)
We love it!

1 month ago
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