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Simulate sun shadows for any time and place
Discovered by Ian
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ShadeMap shows a year round map of sun and shade, anywhere in the world. You can adjust the time and day for any location, and animate shadows cast from buildings and terrain.

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Founder, Travel Massive

This is a fantastic mapping tool that could be helpful for certain kinds of travel planning, or just as a fun way to explore places.

If you're a photographer this could be a very handy tool to help plan your sightseeing in a new location. Or for a vacation you could find a sunnier side of a beach resort.

6 months ago (edited)
Owner, photographer, filmmaker, Len Kaufman Photographer

Thanks. As a photographer/filmmaker, very useful. I have other such programs, but this is more graphic. Useful for showing to client, when planning a shoot.

6 months ago
Cofounder, TripMapper

This is great fun to play with!

6 months ago
entrepreneur, manyways

very well done!

6 months ago
Event Organizer & Traveler, GlobalGaz

Fascinating, a great tool for photographers!

6 months ago
Co - Founder of, Textomap

Really cool! Also if you're planning a picnic you can check where you shou;d go to depending on preference etc...NICE!

6 months ago