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Q&A: Tourism Innovation Summit 2023 Meet top innovators and investors in Seville (October 18-20)

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The Tourism Innovation Summit opens on 18-20 October in Seville, Spain — bringing together 400 startups, DMOs, investors, industry experts and over 200 exhibitors to showcase the most innovative solutions in travel.

Read on to see what are the highlights of this year’s edition and how to get the most out of the event.

Who should attend Tourism Innovation Summit?

Tourism Innovation Summit (TIS2023) is the global summit aimed to bring innovation and technology to travel and tourism professionals. TIS was created to support the transformation of the sector through the digitization of processes, technological innovation and sustainable practices.

From 18th to 20th October 2023 in Seville (Spain), TIS will bring together the decision-makers of the tourism industry to discuss and define strategies to boost a smarter, more digital and sustainable tourism.

Destination managers, hotel directors, travel agencies, OTAs, DMCs, travel CIOs, tourism authorities and all professionals from the different segments of the tourism industry come to TIS2023 to discover the most innovative solutions to improve the competitiveness of their tourism business or destination.

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What are the key highlights of TIS 2023?

This year, the Tourism Innovation Global Summit will gather more than 400 industry experts that will share success stories, strategies and trends to embrace the Travel Revolution we are living in. The Tourism Innovation Global Summit will gather more than 150 conferences that will address the seven key trends that are defining the new tourism:

1. Driving Innovation: during TIS2023 more than 7,000 attendees from around the world will be able to discover groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping the future of travel.

2. Embrace digital transformation: TIS2023 is the international forum to analyze the digital revolution that the tourism industry is undergoing while learning about strategies and best practices to take advantage of the latest technologies to drive growth from leading experts and companies in the sector.

3. Sustainability and Agenda 2030: TIS2023 will address the urgent need for sustainable practices in the tourism industry and explore innovative solutions that promote environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic viability.

4. Exclusive sessions for CEOs: TIS2023 has designed a specific agenda to promote peer-to-peer discussion for top-level executives in the industry, where they will also be able to plan strategies and network. These exclusive sessions offer CEOs and industry leaders the opportunity to collaborate, share ideas and shape the future of the travel industry.

5. Master marketing and sales strategies: Attendees will be able to discover effective marketing and sales strategies to improve the results of their businesses and destinations by optimizing their social media engagement, influencer collaborations and storytelling techniques.

6. Empower the MICE and business travel sector: The MICE sector continues to gain importance within the travel and tourism industry. The congress will focus on this segment to discover trends, innovations and best practices in event planning, destination selection and the creation of experiences for professionals.

7. Embrace Human Centricity: Dive into the concept of human-centric design and explore how it can transform the travel experience.

What are some unique tech solutions being showcased at TIS this year?

More than 200 exhibiting firms will showcase at TIS2023 their latest innovations and technologies that will help tourism businesses and destinations to improve their competitiveness. We will see solutions in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, ChatGPT, Business Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Web 3.0, Cybersecurity, Big Data & Analytics, Marketing Automation, GIS, contactless technology or Predictive Analytics, among others.

What are some of the high-level networking events at TIS this year?

During three days, TIS2023 will organize several networking activities to foster the creation of synergies and knowledge transfer. Thus, the event will once again hold:

  • The Leadership Summit, a lunch that will bring together industry leaders to establish collaborations.
  • The Tourism Innovation Awards 2023, which will recognise organisations that are leading digitalisation and sustainability in tourism.
  • The Touristech Startup Fest, which will allow emerging talents the opportunity to present their projects to investors and leading companies.

How does TIS2023 address the importance of sustainability in tourism?

Sustainability is a key axis of TIS each year and it is discussed in all sessions at our conference. Tourism needs to be more sustainable, and the way to achieve this goal is through technology and innovation.

From energy efficiency through smart sensors, automation and energy control, to smart waste management, remote monitoring (with satellites and drones) of ecosystems and environmentally protected areas, to the promotion of sustainable mobility with ride-sharing applications and algorithm-based route planning that help reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

All these strategies and actions will be addressed at the Tourism Innovation Global Summit, where leaders from the industry will share their success stories on improving sustainability in the tourism sector.

What are some interesting topics and speakers at TIS this year?

The conference Tourism Innovation Global Summit will host different forums focused on each segment of the travel industry, from the MICE sector to destinations, hospitality, distribution channels and OTAs, business travel, transportation, activities and culture and leisure travel. In addition, it will present specific content agendas for different professional profiles, to address their daily challenges.

Besides, this year, TIS2023 and A World for Travel (AWFT), in partnership with the Global Travel and Tourism Resilience Council, are joining forces to boost the transformation of the industry. By running alongside each other, the carbon footprint of the two events is reduced considerably. AWFT, after its inauguration virtually in 2020, was held in Évora, Portugal 2021 and then in Nîmes, France 2022. This year AWFT is thrilled to be in Seville, Spain where the organizations aim to boost the transformation of responsible and sustainable tourism around the world through intersecting governments, industries and suppliers who touch the traveller.

Some of the speakers that will share their vision about the future of travel at TIS2023 are:

  • Marco Sansavini, CEO of Vueling
  • Balkiz Sarihan, CEO and Head of Airbus Urban Mobility GMBH
  • Lindel Coppell, Head of Sustainability of MSC
  • Eduardo Santander, CEO of European Travel Commission
  • Bernardo Cueto, Secretario de Turismo Quintana Roo
  • Cristina Cabañas, President of Guitart Hotels
  • Raúl Serrano, CEO of CATAI
  • Jenny Southan, editor, founder and CEO of Globetrender
  • Leila Tekaia, Deputy Director of the Office National du Tourisme Tunisien (ONTT)

See the full Agenda & Speakers of Tourism Innovation Summit 2023.

What are your top tips for participants to take the most out of TIS?

Visiting TIS - Tourism Innovation Summit is a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of tourism and technological innovation. The event brings together industry professionals, leaders and experts from around the world, providing an exceptional platform to learn about the latest trends, solutions and business opportunities in the sector.

To take the most of their attendance, we highly recommend attendees to prepare their visit in advance. We have an event app, available for iOS and Android, and there they can save the conference sessions they want to attend and create their ‘own agenda’.

There is the exhibitors list, where attendees will find the booth of each of our exhibitors and also this year they will have the opportunity to arrange meetings with our exhibitors in advance through our matchmaking tool. There are a lot of information and tools to prepare for their visit in advance and we highly recommend that to take the most of their participation.

Besides sustainability, what are the biggest challenges the travel industry faces in the coming years?

Today, the travel and tourism industry faces important challenges that affect many industries, such as digital transformation and sustainability. Two challenges that are closely linked to changes in consumer behavior. Travelers are changing their travel patterns and preferences; they are now looking for more authentic and personalized experiences. In addition, awareness of the environmental impact of tourism is growing and travelers are increasingly looking for more sustainable options.

On the other hand, the acceleration of digitization has also become critical in the travel industry. The adoption of emerging technologies enables tourism businesses to improve operational efficiency, deliver personalized experiences, and enhance communication and interaction with customers.

Likewise, tourism development must be carried out in a sustainable, balanced and respectful manner with the local community and the environment, so the proper management of tourism destinations to preserve cultural heritage and the quality of life of local communities are important challenges today.

For newcomers to Seville, do you have any tips for exploring the city?

Seville is a beautiful city with a lot of tourism activities to enjoy the city. Seville is a city with emblematic museums and buildings, full of monumental heritage, and offers a wide variety of plans for the whole family. Moreover, Seville is famous for its gastronomy, especially its tapas.

The reason why TIS ends on a Friday afternoon is because we want the attendees to enjoy Seville during the weekend. For that reason, we collaborate with tourism organisations from Seville that each year offers TIS attendees discounts on tourism activities and attractions to enjoy the city to the fullest that weekend.

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