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Places for Nigerians to travel in winter?

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I'm a Nigerian tech nomad looking to experience different cultures and experiences

7 months ago
Chief Explorer, TravelWithSamGlobal

Hi hi. Some interesting places to visit include Gambia - also referred to as the Smiling Coast of Africa. Was there in May, and the experience was really good. You can also explore East Africa - esp Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. They have some really immersive cultural experiences you’ll come to love.

7 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Karunwi, are you looking to travel and meet other digital nomads, or just a personal vacation?

And are you looking for visa-free destinations for Nigerian passport holders, or anywhere?

Also, what months is "winter" for you?

7 months ago (edited)

Thanks for the suggestion. What's your take on the food? Is it very different from Nigerian cuisine?

7 months ago

Hi Ian, Winter would be November to January. I'm definitely open to meeting other nomads, that sounds exciting.

Visa- free destinations definitely

7 months ago
Travel Vlogger

Hi Karunwi,
I'm glad you've gotten such amazing suggestions already. Based on your preference of visa-free countries I'll suggest Ghana and Barbados.
I was in Ghana towards the end of last year and loved it! They have a vibrant tech scene with events I think you'd enjoy. Afro Nation festival comes up in December and tons of other shows with tourist inflow from all over the world so the cultural experience you seek will be available. Lastly, the food is relatively close to what we have in Nigeria with great new options you should try... Kelewele is a personal favourite I highly recommend.

Barbados has always struck me for its Caribbean culture and fascinating views, definitely check it out if you can.
Safe travels 😁👍🏾

6 months ago
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Places for Nigerians to travel in winter?

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