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Paige Minds The Gap Atlanta-based travel blog exploring the Southern states

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Hi y'all, I’m Paige! I’m here to help you plan your travels around the Southern USA and around the world.

Paige Minds The Gap is an Atlanta-based blog specializing in Southern destinations, history, art & culture, hiking, romantic getaways, and wineries & cideries. I provide real-life travel experiences, travel tips, and travel inspiration to help readers find and plan their next vacation to destinations big and small, so that they can get the most out of their travels.

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Writer/Blogger, Paige Minds The Gap

Hi y'all!

I'm Paige, and I started Paige Minds The Gap in 2013 when I studied abroad in England to share travel stories from my trips as I explored Europe. Since then, I've settled in Atlanta and Paige Minds The Gap has evolved into a platform to highlight the gems of Southern USA destinations.

I still travel all around the world as much as possible, but my heart and my home will always be in Atlanta. I love showcasing all the unique things we have to do here in the South; there are so many hidden gems right here in our own backyard.

I recently published my first book, "What's With Atlanta?", which I like to think of as a trivia-based guide to the quirks of the city.

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Online Journalist, In Transit Travel + Food Blog

Can't wait to hear all about what makes Atlanta tick when we meetup on Feb. 8! Looking forward to learning about the book.

1 month ago
Writer/Blogger, Paige Minds The Gap

I'm excited to share with y'all! Looking forward to it!

1 month ago

Atlanta is one of those great southern cities that I need to cross of my bucket list. Looking forward to knowing more about it. Safe travels Paige!

1 month ago
Writer/Blogger, Paige Minds The Gap

Atlanta is such a great city! Hope you get to visit it sometime soon!

1 month ago
City Narrator a.k.a. Your Favorite Snarky Guide

I just discovered your blog and can’t wait to get into it. I studied in England and grew up traveling and moving around, so always interested in other places and other people’s stories. GA keeps coming up on my radar and has been doing so for years, so now’s the time for real. :)

1 month ago
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