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80days.me Generate multi-city eurotrips in a few clicks

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Combine flights, trains, buses, and ferries in one eurotrip, all at your fingertips with 80days.me

Our mission is to simplify your journey, enabling you to seamlessly design and purchase every aspect of your multi-city Eurotrip, including flights, trains, and ships. With our app, you have the power to create intricate journeys in just moments, make reservations for your entire itinerary right from your device, and conveniently receive all your tickets in a single email within minutes.

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CEO, 80days.me

Friends, this day is here!

We are overjoyed to share with you our rebirth β€” version 3.0 of our app, which has risen anew post-pandemic, a time that challenged many travel startups.

We're excited to launch two distinct planning modes: the AI and Math algorithm-based SMART mode for Generated Planning; and our new addition - "AB Magic mode" for Manual Step-by-Step Planning.

So, what have we done? We've completely reimagined the approach to planning multi-destination trips. Now, with just one click, we offer you travel ideas, which you can then customize to your liking.

What sets us apart from others?

✈️ Speed: Just one click and in 20 seconds, you have a trip around Europe;
✈️ Transportation: Trains, planes, buses, and ferries all in one ticket. Imagine the convenience of trains arriving and departing from city centers;
✈️ Airports: We've excluded inconvenient airports such as Paris Beauvais, Oslo Torp, Oslo Rygge, Brussels Charleroi;
✈️ Flight Times: We've eliminated early and late flights to ensure travelers can rest. Our ongoing mission is to make journeys even more comfortable;
✈️ Connections: We've removed flights with connections to avoid common travel disruptions like lost luggage or missed flights.

What's new?

βœ… Step-by-step planning: available in AB Magic

βœ… We have added some busses: available in AB Magic

βœ… Back Home Ticket Cost: At each step, AB Magic now shows the cost of the return ticket home, helping you determine from which next city it will be more cost-effective to return. This small but mighty feature aids in making smarter travel decisions.

βœ… Instant Search: Start searching immediately without setting preferences and get results in 20 seconds;

βœ… Flexible Routing: Plan trips not just round (from point A to point A) but also one-way (from point A to point B). Simply uncheck Round Trip and select your arrival point;

βœ… Must-Visit Cities: Choose up to 3 key cities for your tour. For instance, travel around Europe starting and ending in Paris, but ensure visits to Rome and Porto;

βœ… Tour Editing: Customize your tour by swapping any city on your route for another option. For example, change Nice to Barcelona in a Paris - Milan - Nice - Lyons - Paris tour. This feature requires authentication;

βœ… Pricing: The price shown includes all taxes and fees;

βœ… Check-In: Our system automatically checks you in and sends you boarding passes;

βœ… Save Tours: Save tours in your profile and choose one later;

βœ… Single Payment: Purchase your tour in one easy transaction.

We know, it could be better, and we are getting to that!
We are confident, this is one more beginning of our journey, every day we add more perks. We are open to partnership, please, contact us at aleh@eightydays.me

Our Next Steps:

✈️ Expanding to new regions;
✈️ Adding more connections;
✈️ Introducing new cities;
✈️ Enhancing flexibility;
✈️ Incorporating hotels and experiences;
✈️ Developing B2B solutions.

Thank you for your support, friends!

5 months ago (edited)

I have found this app last year and happy to get new A-B magic mode inside. I had a trip Istanbul-Berlin-Barcelona-Istanbul and everything was really smooth and amazing. Thank you! Especially for that unexpected flight change. Guys helped me and my husband with everything. Wish you good luck!

5 months ago
CEO, 80days.me

Wow! Thank you for your words. If you need any help we are here 24/7

5 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Aleh,

Congrats on the new updates to your app, and thanks for sharing with the Travel Massive community!

A few quick suggestions:

1. Would be great to explain the modes in the interface (Im using iPhone iOS) when selecting - this isn’t super clear as a first time user unless you try each.

2. I would like to filter by trains only in the magic mode - is this planned for the future?

I love the omission of non-direct flights and red-eyes!

What is the team planning on next?

5 months ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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