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Nomadico A free weekly newsletter for the working traveler

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Nomadico is a weekly, one-pager emailed to you each Thursday which will have 4 tips for working beyond the office, and living in motion. Nomadico covers digital nomads, remote work, travel hacking, van life, FIRE, slow travel, and more. Learn more and sign up at nomadico.substack.com

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Publisher, editor, writer, blogger, Al Centro Media

Feel free to hit me up with any notable news or services that are useful to digital nomads and remote workers around the world.

For travel service providers, weekly "Unclassified" ads are just $50 per week, reaching 8,500+ potential clients.

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Advertising Sales Director, Al Centro Media

Definitely useful for remote workers, digital nomads, location independent workers, etc.

11 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Just subscribed and also enjoyed reading a few past newsletters. I like the bite sized pieces on interesting travel topics (such as blimps!) - the content reminds me of Wired or Monocle. Thoughtful and interesting. Thanks for putting this together and for sharing with the Travel Massive community!

11 months ago
Cofounder at a social nomad app, www.punta.app

Hello!, my name's Carles and I am running an app for nomads to find each other along their travel plan and they can create events there. I was wondering whether you wanted to have a meeting to see if we can help each other

9 months ago
Publisher, editor, writer, blogger, Al Centro Media

Send a pitch to my e-mail or the link to purchase an unclassified ad ($50 per week) is in every issue of Nomadico. Thanks.

9 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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