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Meetups are social gatherings that bring people together to share ideas. When you combine people and ideas, magic happens! New innovations, businesses and friendships are created when we get together. This is why in-person, local meetups are so important for the future of our industry. Plus, they are fun!

The pandemic impacted many of our chapter leaders and community members, and prevented local gatherings from taking place. Cities are open again, so we're rebuilding our network of local meetups.

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Kosovo Travel Massive A travel community in Kosovo

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Kosovo, which sits in the heart of the Balkans, is Europe’s newest country still in the process of discovering its full tourism potential and with that is very attractive for tourists seeking an off the beaten path travel experience. The lack of a national tourism organization is a major reason for the sector’s slow development, but in recent years international aid has facilitated a great deal of tourism-related projects, particularly in Western Kosovo which possesses some of the most beautiful nature in the country (Rugova/Accursed Mountains) and the most potential for outdoor/adventure tourism. With a lively capital city (Prishtina), one of the loveliest Ottoman-era towns in the region (Prizren) and several impressive Orthodox monasteries dating back to the 13th Century, there are plenty of options for those also interested in cultural tourism.

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