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Introduction to Inclusive Tourism: LGBTQ+ Travel Learn how your travel business can be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ travelers

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WeTravel and Queer Destinations have designed this free, introductory course to cover the fundamentals of LGBTQ+ tourism, including the relevance of the LGBTQ+ tourism sector, how to use inclusive language, and ways in which your business can prepare for anti-LGBTQ+ trip destinations.

The course is packed with additional resources and actionable steps your company can take to build a more diverse and welcoming team and to make LGBTQ+ clients feel more comfortable while traveling.

👩‍💻 What You'll Learn

Introduction to LGBTQ+ Tourism
Learn about the size and power of the LGBTQ+ traveler segment and why inclusive tourism is important.

LGBTQ+ Fundamentals
Get an overview of the correct LGBTQ+ terminology and acronyms, as well as a brief history of the LGBTQ+ community.

Inclusivity Within Your Team
Learn how to create an effective diversity and inclusion policy, as well as tools to help foster inclusion and acceptance within your team.

Inclusivity of Travelers
Learn how to use inclusive language practices that will make your participants feel more valued.

Inclusivity Within Destinations
Learn how to support LGTBQ+ travelers while on trips, including by preparing for visits to anti-LGBTQ+ regions.

💡 About the course
• Price: Free
• Course Language: English
• Course Duration: 45 minutes
• Closed Captions: English & Spanish
• Lifetime Access
• Shareable Course Certificate
• 100% Online Lessons

See more details at resources.wetravel.com/lgbtq-tourism-course

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Content Specialist, WeTravel

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan and I helped create this WeTravel Academy course! I believe inclusive and accessible travel has to be a top priority for the travel industry. But unfortunately, a lot of people lack access to travel-specific resources to help them be more inclusive, sustainable, equitable... (etc). Our hope with this course was to give everyone access to concrete ways you can make your travel business more inclusive. I'd love to hear any feedback or other resources from you all!

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Introduction to Inclusive Tourism: LGBTQ+ Travel

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