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Hydrascape Stickers Infinity stickers of US National Parks and peaks

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Stunning stickers of US National Parks and peaks for your water bottle or laptop.

These stickers are designed by artist and muralist Gretchen Leggitt, who had the idea when painting a mural of the North Cascades (the largest mural in Washington state) and sipping on a Hydroflask water bottle.

Follow Gretchen (founder of Hydrascape Stickers) at www.instagram.com/g2legit/

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Founder, Travel Massive

I came across this project and had to share it with the Travel Massive community! Bring your favorite US national park with you courtesy of these beautiful stickers that provide a perfect way to customize your water bottle, laptop, phone, or car.

I'd love to see the project extended to Tasmanian national parks (where I live!)

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Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

They look really cool! Someone should do the same for our Bulgarian National Parks too 🀩

2 years ago
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