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Helsinki Travel Massive A travel community in Helsinki

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Travel Massive Helsinki brings together businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, vloggers, photographers, media, travel brands, tour operators, hospitality professionals, and PRs to network and talk travel.

Helsinki is a thriving center for savvy technology and travel innovations, which means it’s about time to grow the local Travel Massive chapter. Upcoming events will draw together travel bloggers, media, passionate industry professionals, and future professionals a.k.a. tourism students. But for now, we’ve set up the Travel Massive Helsinki Slack channel as a way to connect, ask for help, and get to know each other. Maybe one day even meet!

Helsinki is one of the trendiest destinations in Northern Europe and the city is making an increasing effort to serve international tourists better with out-of-the-ordinary design, cuisine, and nature

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I'm a Brit living in Finland, a serial entrepreneur and I was once slightly famous in analytics industry circles.
I run Toristy a Travel software as a service that is designed to help DMCs, Travel Agents, Hotels and Transport companies sell Travel experiences.

We'd love to meet up with you at the first event since before the Pandemic on June 9th at Valo hotel rooftop terrace between 17.30 and 19.30. No agenda, just mingling and meeting likeminded people.

More information here;

2 years ago (edited)
Marketing Coordinator, VALO Hotel & Work

If anyone is interested in finding communal coworking spaces and networking opportunities in Helsinki, I would like to wish you all welcome to VALO Hotel & Work's open day on the 3rd of November.

During the day, you can access our coworking facilities free of charge, and we also offer you a free working day in one of our private offices that can be used within 30 days after registering to our app.

More information: www.travelmassive.com/events/open-days-at-valo-hotel-work-4749977835

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

1 year ago (edited)
Editor-in-Chief & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

Great initiative Tuomas... I am traveling and won't be able to attend.

1 year ago
Marketing Coordinator, VALO Hotel & Work

No worries. The next opportunity would be on the 17th of November.

1 year ago
Editor-in-Chief & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

Ofc I'm away then, too!

1 year ago

hey there, is there an accelerator in Finland who may be interested to support my project inradius.space? i have applied to enterfinland for startup visa 2 weeks ago, they are rejected me as bad filled application 😁

1 year ago (edited)
Editor-in-Chief & Travel Coach, Vacayou Wellness Travel

Hi Andrey.... hopefully someone else in this group can help. I'm not that connected to the startup scene here. Have you considered going to Slush?

1 year ago

Hi Shelly, Slush is great but i don't have the visa to get Finland...

1 year ago
City Narrator a.k.a. Your Favorite Snarky Guide

I am a French citizen who grew up in Germany and across the US. Currently splitting my time between Helsinki and Warsaw.

My passion is cross-cultural, intercultural and multilingual identity (which might develop fully in another hundred years in Finland). Snark aside, whether as tour guide, writer, cultural advisor or standup comedian , I always aim to portray the cities I live in as they truly are instead of how they are perceived.

To me presenting a city warts and all is the only way to capture its spirit and soul. While this is more obvious in writing, I easily implement storytelling when showing people around Helsinki. Rather than showing them just the landmarks or secrets, I create stories around the people who live here and have made the city what it is (from your Average Joe to the instantly recognizable mega star).

Interested in working with startups, companies and people who share my values of uniting people through what brings us together rather than splitting people along lines that divide us.

5 months ago
👋 Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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