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Steve Jackson
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My background is digital marketing, especially Analytics, having been an entrepreneur in this field for 20 years.

I now serve as CEO and founder of my 4th startup, Toristy. We believe today’s traveller is rapidly evolving, looking less for curated, big ticket experiences and more for tailored, local, artisanal offerings that reflect the unique offerings of the region they are visiting. Everything from lodging to meals to experiences is being rethought and re-examined, and the opportunity for large travel enterprises, as well as small, local businesses, has never been higher.

We created Toristy to help Tour & Activity operators as well as the bigger travel brands manage their services digitally.

This is my reason for joining this community as I'd really appreciate your insights, advice and knowledge about the field.

In my spare time I can often be found biking, boxing, fishing, sampling good malt whiskeys or pulling my hair out watching SAFC.

June 2019
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I want to join because we're breaking into a new space and appreciate the coverage and expertise that you have in the Travel industry.

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  • I'm a Brit living in Finland, a serial entrepreneur and I was once slightly famous in analytics industry circles. I run Toristy a Travel software as a service that is designed to help DMCs, Travel Agents, Hotels and Transport companies sell Travel expe... show more