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Greenclick Rent an EV directly at your hotel

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Greenclick is a carshare platform that connects hotels with car rentals that are close to airports in the US.

On-site car rentals are available at less than 1% of hotels, but transportation is half of the traveler’s experience. Greenclick is bringing rentals on-site directly for guests for a convenient, hassle-free car rental option.

πŸ‘‹ Meet the team behind Greenclick at www.greenclick.app/posts/greenclick-team

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Founder CEO, Greenclick Technologies

Hi everyone, I created a startup Greenclick Technologies where I'm connecting hotels with car rentals that are close to airports.

We have on-site car fleets and the newest OEM electric cars at hotels to provide a seamless car renting experience with a hotel. We bring new experiences for guests to enjoy their stay and solve congestion and delays at airports.

We're currently working on three rollouts in Columbus, Orlando, and Chicago and working on a flat rate parking alongside the rental experience.

Would love to hear your thoughts and how it might help your travel experience!

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hey Brian, thanks for sharing Greenclick with the Travel Massive community!

What motivated you to create your business? Were you attracted to this space from the tech, hospitality, or transport industry?

How much of your fleet are EV and how important is this to the customer? Any trends or insights you can share?

11 months ago
CEO, Autoura

Love the problem area. I absolutely agree that transport is key to the destination experience. Whether that is a car that the consumer has to drive (themselves), this is an interesting question, and on balance, I would say not. (at least in the mid term - i.e. 3-5 years time). But this is very dependent upon market....

In some developing markets, the cost of labour is low, so tourists don't feel inclined to drive themselves as they can hire a car with driver at low cost (what we might call a taxi, or a vehicle from a local tour operator with driver).

In mid markets, there are some companies using self-driving cars to drive the vehicle to the hotel, and then the car is driven manually by the tourist (who can leave the car wherever they want). Two of those companies are testing in Las Vegas, including Halo.Car. In San Francisco Go Car are also trying this.

In some advanced markets, the cost of labour is high, so mobility platforms such as Waymo, Cruise, Zoox, Apollo are providing (or planning to provide) autonomous vehicles. No need to hire a vehicle at all. e.g. Google is currently doing 10,000 trips a week with their autonomous vehicles, and have announced that in 11 months (July 2024) they will be doing 100,000 trips a week (i.e. 10x scaleup)......

Tough navigating all these different market needs, but yes, there will be some markets where your product works (and works well), but don't expect it to be universal, or even perhaps the majority of markets.

11 months ago
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