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Explo Local recommendations through short-form videos

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With Explo, you can find hyper-local recommendations for places to visit and experiences to explore 🀳

Get inspired and entertained more authentically through short-form, vertical videos created by locals and creators (curated by our team). Our intelligent enrichment technology lets you find all relevant information to re-live experiences around you.

Travel Content Creators can monetize their content and provide collections and guides for their favorites in specific regions.

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Travel & Leisure App, Explo

Hey all, I'm Tim πŸ‘‹
With Explo we want to turn every single day into an experience by bringing you the best recommendations for local spots to explore based on your interests!

Happy to connect!

2 years ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Tim, thanks for sharing Explo with the Travel Massive community!

A few quick comments / questions:

1. I downloaded the app but I think I'm a bit too far from your content here in Thailand. Perhaps to onboard far-away users like me, you could explain that you're yet to open in my area, and encourage me to submit a tip or place.

2. Are you primarily for German speaking audience, or English (or any other language) as well? If you're supporting multiple languages, you may need to allow a filter or auto translation of the text.

3. What does "intelligent enrichment technology" mean?

Hope this feedback is helpful. The app and website looks very polished, well done!

2 years ago
Travel & Leisure App, Explo

Hey Ian, appreciate you being active that much here on TravelMassive!
Thanks for the feedback, that is really helpful.

1. We are still quite early and therefore have an invite only creator community focused on Germany (especially Kiel and Northern Germany as of now). The results should be ordered by distance meaning if there is something close, we'll let you know. But we'll definitely include a little hint that you can go ahead and submit a few places (just need to finish the creation section in the app :D)

2. For now we focus on German and English speaking audience in Germany. But it's a really insightful tip to allow filtering for languages. We already have a few translation features in the app, but we agree that having voice-over (which adds a lot of value) will be a challenge.

3. "Intelligent enrichment technology", haha. It basically means for every video you provide, you only need to provide a location, too. Everything else is done automatically. We get all the information about the place, add affiliates and other options (not yet implemented) that let's you earn money and also provide you with a simple link that you can share with anyone asking on social media about the place. In addition to that, we are also soon providing automated video tagging that helps make your videos easily findable based on things being shown and happening in the video.
Our goal is to deliver the highest value to your community without making you as a creator any work at all. Basically a "passive income creator" without you putting in any real work based on what you have already done in the past :)

Absolutely helpful feedback, thanks, appreciate it, Ian!

2 years ago
πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the Travel Massive community!
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