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Is anyone planning to visit Jamaica in 2022?

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Hello there! Wah gwaan? I'm Ashley, a new member of the Travel Massive community. I'm a Jamaican resident and excited that as of April 2022 Jamaica's borders are fully open! Yup, it's true! No COVID test needed. Our 3 airports are awaiting your arrival!
Did anyone have plans to visit Jamaica this year? I'd love to know what's on your itinerary!

2 years ago

I'm planning an origin trip this year with a selection of chocolate enthusiasts from North America in conjunction with Jamaican chocolate maker oneonecacao

2 years ago

Hey Aaron! Oh wow, I'm intrigued! Which countries will be on the itnerary? I hope Jamaica is one of them!

2 years ago

This year will purely be Jamaica, next year Tanzania and Malawi and then maybe Grenada for the

2 years ago

That's quite exciting Aaron. will you be documenting the origin tour? I'm looking forward to learning how it goes! Wishing you all the best.

2 years ago
Journalist; Editor

Are you actively writing about Jamaica? In the post-pandemic tourism world, I strongly support sustainable tourism both as a value in itself but also because of what we see happened during that pandemic. Namely certain places (not just Jamaica either) that had their tourism dollar in the mega-resorts and all-inclusives and of course that sector was the one that suffered the most immediately and hugely with the falloff in travel. Other Caribbean countries and economies I have visited have managed to diversify successfully beyond a dependency on all-inclusives, and part of that depends on the attitude and agenda of the island/country's tourism board. They can talk a lot about "sustainable" or smaller special interest travel but at the end of the day their strings are pulled by those who can pull them in the direction they want - namely, mass tourism.

2 years ago

Hello there Hal, I love this conversation that you've started. I started my blog this year so there's still so much I have yet to say about Jamaica. I work in the Jamaican public sector so from a policy and programming angle, I am aware of a few of the ideas for Tourism in Jamaica to pivot, seeing as its a core component of Jamaica's GDP. Community Tourism is on the rise and that's something I hope to dive deeper into in my blog as it evolves.

2 years ago
Founder, The Impulse Traveler

Hi Ashley! I will be visiting Jamaica this year. June 2nd the be exact. I cannot wait to write about my experiences. www.theimpulsetraveler.com

2 years ago

Hey there Latoyia! Just the name of your wesbsite has me hooked. Oh you'll be coming soon! Have you been to Jamaica before?

2 years ago
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Is anyone planning to visit Jamaica in 2022?

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