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Does anyone have experience living in Singapore?

Posted by Andy
in Discussion
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Hello, everyone! Does anyone have experience living in Singapore? Where can you find short-term rentals, and what is the average cost of living? What are the most interesting places to visit?

1 month ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Andrei, can you share a little more about yourself and your plans?

e.g. Where are you currently based? How long do you want to live in Singapore for?

You'll find many members (some locals, some expats) based in our Singapore Travel Massive chapter. Link below.

1 month ago (edited)

Great thanks! I'm in Prague right now. I'm going to live in Singapoure about 3 months from October.

1 month ago
Travel Blogger, Inspired Trip

Hey Andy, I'm living in Singapore! Been here approximately 10 years.

3 months in Singapore is just right with the rules that short-term rentals must be at least 3 months, so you should be able to find plenty of accommodations on AirBnB and co-living apartments (Lyf, Cove, Figment etc). With the rising rent nowadays, expect to budget SGD 2000 a month to have a room at somewhere convenient.

For cost of living, it depends on your food habits and what you do. If you're okay with cheap local food, expect SGD5 a meal. But realistically I would budget up to SGD10 to enjoy more variety of food, and up to SGD20 or sometimes more for something fancier. If you cook like I do, I budget about SGD50 a week for groceries. For everything else - gym could cost around SGD100 a month, and miscellaneous activities like movies and entrances can cost around SGD20-50 each time.

For interesting places, I work in the most touristy but cultural area of Bugis. It's nestled between Kampong Glam and Little India, both great places to visit for a taste of the local culture! I enjoy some parks, like Fort Canning, Singapore Botanical Garden, and Labrador Nature Reserve. For a wilder side, I love MacRitchie Reservoir and Ubin Island. If you want to explore beyond this small island, you can take a ferry to the Indonesian islands of Bintan and Batam, or take a bus into Johor Malaysia. I can go on and on!

1 month ago

Thanks a lot, Angie!

1 month ago