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Corkshack Build your own unique eco-friendly cabin

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The Corkshack is a structure based on the dwellings of the Bronze and Iron Age people of more than two thousand years ago, but with a modern and natural twist.

The Corkshack project was conceived by Dewi Jones β€” a graphic designer originally from Wales β€” and his wife Clare. They wanted to reconstruct the medieval roundhouses of the local area in Alentejo, Portugal and make them the focal point of their luxury eco glamping business.

Wood is used to build the main frame of the 25sqm decagon Corkshack, and the exterior walls covered with cork, an excellent natural thermal and acoustic insulator. Natural broom was sourced to thatch the conical roof.

πŸ›– Want to build your own Corkshack? The creators of the Corkshack teamed up with MAN Architects in Lisbon, Portugal who has produced high quality architectural plans, available at an affordable price. These plans aim to improve the building experience of anyone wishing to construct their own Corkshack.

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My name is Dewi Jones, a graphic designer originally from Wales. The Corkshack is based on medieval round houses from the Iron Age, natural, simple and strong.

Build a distinctive cork, timber and thatch style cabin on your land to operate as a glamping holiday rental and generate a regular income.

We provide detailed architectural plans for you or your builder to construct a Corkshack that blends sympathetically into its surroundings and adds value and appeal to your glamping business.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Dewi, these shacks look fantastic.

Where in the world have they been built? What are the optimum temperature ranges for comfortable stays? For example here in Tasmania we range from 2-14 C in Winter to 14-30 C in Summer.

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Hi Ian, they were built in MarvΓ£o, Alentejo, Portugal. It can be very cold in winter (2-9 C) and very hot in the summer (14 - 35 C) sometimes over 40 C. The shacks had a heating and air conditioning system. We sold the business and are now selling the plans for anyone to build their own.

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