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Briskby The rental+booking marketplace that brings together fitness and action sports

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πŸ„β€β™€οΈ Briskby is the first booking + rental marketplace which brings together fitness and action sports.

On Briskby individuals and businesses can rent out their fitness and action sports equipment when they don't use it.

Local businesses and qualified professionals can also create well-being, fitness and sports experiences such as classes, course and adventures.

We are on a mission to help people access a more diverse and convenient way to stay active, whilst enabling the power of circular economy to reduce stuff in our landfills.

It's a long shot, but it's a worthy one!

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Founder, Briskby

Hi everyone!

My name is Alessandro, I am the founder of Briskby www.briskby.com.

Like each one of you, in 2020 I found myself being stuck at home. Though I loved spending time with my family and my newborn daughter, I struggled a lot to remain active.

As a climber suddenly I couldn't go indoors or outdoor to practice. And as a regular gym-goer, I couldn't even access the facility, as they were shut down.

The idea of Briskby comes from a personal struggle and since then it rapidly took off into something people seemed to be craving.

So, here we are after a long year of research, surveys and prototyping, we finally launched our rel.1.0 of Briskby's P2P marketplace.

The purpose of Briskby is simple, yet challenging. We want to restore people’s ability to easily access and enhance their active lifestyle through fitness and action sports.

The solution:
A simple and intuitive online marketplace.
Those (gyms, private owners, shops and retailers) with surplus, idle equipment can list and rent out their fitness and active sports gear to re-generate extra revenue to individuals looking for a safer way to access less expensive, and more diverse fitness and sport experiences.
All this while building a community where members who share the same passion of staying active can rate each other and build trust.

Another feature is bookings. Briskby provides the option to book an experience with qualified instructors, well-being coaches and personal trainers.

I’m super excited to hear your feedback, whatever they are!

PS. but this is not an ordinary PS :)
We are launching our new podcast series with fitness professionals and athletes. Throughout this series of podcast we want to inspire people (including aspirant professionals) to embrace a healthy lifestyle.
Here's a couple of links.

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Content & Community Manager, RaizUp

This looks awesome - something we definitely need in Bansko where we have lots of winter and summer sports all year round...

1 year ago
Founder, Briskby

Thanks, Maria!
We are working hard to increase the supply on Briskby and travel destinations, such as Bansko, are definitely in our radar.
Would be great to pass on the word re Briskby to local businesses; have you got any recommendation?
Besides the obvious benefit of being exposed to a growing (and global) community of sports seekers, local businesses and sports organisers would save bucks by replacing their legacy booking solutions (if they have any) with a free-to-use platform such as Briskby.

1 year ago
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