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Nomadic Notes Travel blog of a long term traveller and digital nomad from Melbourne

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🧑‍💻 Nomadic Notes is a travel blog that features travel guides, travel tips, and notes on places I have visited around the world.

My name is James Clark, and Nomadic Notes is about my travels and life as a digital nomad. I am long term wanderer from Melbourne, Australia.

I began Nomadic Notes in February 2009 as an outlet to chronicle my travels. At that point, I had already been working while I travel (AKA a digital nomad) for nearly six years but I wasn’t writing about my travels. Starting a travel blog became a good way to connect with other travellers, both online and in person.

The blog has since evolved from a standard travelogue of my travels to include tips on location independence, as well as an ever-expanding destinations travel guide.

There is now over 1000 pages of information here so I’ve put together this welcome page to help navigate what this site is about and how to follow.

Nomadic Notes is also home to the Travel Newsletter by Nomadic Notes. Every week I publish a newsletter featuring the best travel reads and interesting travel news from around the web.

📩 Sign up to receive the newsletter at www.nomadicnotes.com/newsletter

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