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Azores From Above
Take a drone flight over Terceira Island in the Azores

Azores is a beautiful archipelago of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and Terceira is one of its islands.

We spent five days on Terceira island and that was enough for some relaxing, some work and also some filming.

I set up a map with all the locations seen in this video and also some places to visit and eat:

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1 month ago
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Content & Community, Travel Massive

I've never been to the Azores but that green scenery is amazing! How well connected is this island to Spain/rest of Europe in terms of flights?

1 month ago
Videographer, ICanFilmThat

Azores is my favourite lush green destination in Europe! This particular Island is the second with more international connections, but only to Boston and Toronto. PDL in São Miguel Island has only about 9 international connections but none to Spain. The other 7 islands in the archipelago only have connections to Azores and I think that's what makes The Azores one of the wildest and more remote destinations in Europe.

1 month ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Very beautiful and smooth drone footage, well done!

1 month ago
Videographer, ICanFilmThat

Thank you Ian!

1 month ago
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