Conference TBEX Asia 2022
Phuket, Thailand
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2022
09:00 Asia / Bangkok (GMT+07)
18 interested 567 views
18 people interested attendee list Who can attend? Content Creators, DMOs

In upcoming November 2022, it is a good opportunity and great honor of Thailand to be an official host of TBEX Asia 2022.

The event will be held under the concept “Diversity of South: Phuket & Beyond” reflecting precious art, cultural diversity, a variety of destinations and activities, delicious foods and Southern lifestyle especially in Phuket, a main venue of the event, where everything will ultimately impress the participants.

Due to being the most fascinating region in Thailand, southern Thailand will provide a wide range of new exciting journey focusing on community-based tourism which the participants are going to experience vibrant community identity and indulge unique food offerings not found anywhere else.

Amidst the most challenging time, being a host of TBEX Asia 2022 can build tourist confidence that Thailand can proved incredibly resilient being the most confident country in the world to reopen its tourism sector, and this chance will stimulate the country’s economy and domestic tourism presenting though positive image and various aspects.

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