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Victoria Namakula
The Managing Director, Avens Travel World Ltd
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About me

So ardent about the Travel & Tourism industry, as a woman am motivated doing things that many feel are challenging to our gender. Am a leader, not just at the business entity i head, but since childhood. Being a first born, i do not have so much childhood memories like many have for the fact that i was raised by a single mother of four kids. I had to assist her here and there and take good care of my siblings as our mum was usually away to look for means of survival.

I had a lot of responsibility on my shoulders at a tender age 6/5yrs and this groomed me into the kind of person i am now and i do not regret (it shaped my personality and attitude). I always have the mentality that everything is possible regardless of what is transpiring, i always have my sight set on the prize and that is what i always tell my team and people in different spheres of life especially women.

Am the Manager and a Director at Avens Travel World Ltd the mother of ATW Holidays Africa (a safari brand of the company), a business that we started out on a small scale as family ran basically to help us take care of the foster children that were under our custody at home and what gives me pride is to see it growing since its inception in Jun, 2018 surviving the Covid 19 storm. It's a certified IATA brand and accredited by the Association Of Uganda Tour Operators.

Am a Graduate with a Bachelors in Social Sciences (major in Economics) and a post graduate Diploma in Travel and Tourism by IATA/UFTAA.

Why did you join the community?

To connect with people in a professional network like mine and learn more from them, i really like to be inspired by people from various disciplines but much more by those from within my field because we basically encounter same challenges.

What is your favorite travel destination?

Mombasa and Diani

Where do you dream of traveling to?


What was your first travel job?

Sales and Travel Consultant

What do you want to learn more about?

Am always eager to know more about tourism, growing myself as a person to be efficient and productive in the tourism industry, growing my leadership skills further, enhancing my B2B and C skills and anything that makes me a complete tour and travel operator.

Three words that describe why we should travel?

Exposure, Enjoyment, Discovery