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Accessible Tourism Podcast Conversations about travelling with a disability

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The Accessible Tourism Podcast speaks with people with disabilities and people from the tourism industry about what its like travelling with a disability and what industry is/could be doing.

Travelling with a disability can be very challenging. We explore the constraints people with disabilities experience as they travel away from home. Real life experiences from people with disabilities are shared to provide an accurate picture of what it’s like to travel with a disability. People from the tourism industry also share their experience and knowledge of providing accessible experiences to people with disabilities. Each conversation finishes with an outlook on the future for people with disabilities in the tourism industry.

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Hi everyone, my name is Marcus Hansen. I am an academic with expertise in accessible tourism - travelling with a disability. I started this podcast in an effort to raise awareness on this very important topic. I hope you will find the episodes interesting and useful.

🎧 Listen in on Spotify at open.spotify.com/show/3lXV53AwByWJHSzjYm1e3s

Any questions, thoughts or comments please do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks. Marcus

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Founder, TabiFolk

Do you have an RSS feed for non-Spotify users? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi Josh, that's a really good point. I've had a few people comment on this. I am currently looking into that. Sort of learning on my feet! Please bear with me, but I am hoping to have a solution very soon

6 months ago
Founder, TabiFolk

Looking forward to it! We have a podcast on tabifolk as well - maybe we can collaborate!

6 months ago

I've just seen it - looks amazing! Yes would love to collaborate. Absolutely. Always keen to work with others. My email is m.h.hansen@ljmu.ac.uk. It would be great to chat with you :)

6 months ago
Travel Content Creator, Learners and Makers

Great to hear! We typically use Apple Podcasts.

6 months ago
Travel Content Creator, Learners and Makers

Hi Marcus, this is great to see! I'm an amputee who uses a prosthetic leg, and I travel the world full-time with my husband and 2 school-age children. On our blog and social channels we regularly discuss what it's like to travel with a disability, but we also find that our content appeals to others with mobility impairments, such as senior citizens, folks with joint/back issues, etc. We'll check out the podcast, would love to chat more as well.

6 months ago

Hi Jodie, thanks for this! Much appreciated. Yes, I completely agree - all my research indicates that being accessible to people with disabilities doesn't "just" benefit people with disabilities, but indeed goes much wider than that! I'd love to chat further with you - my email is m.h.hansen@ljmu.ac.uk. Feel free to get in touch. It'd be great to continue the conversation. All the best. Marcus

6 months ago
Travel Content Creator, Learners and Makers

Thank you Marcus! We've gotten settled in for some time in Europe, and we're going to check out some episodes so we're more up to speed, then reach out.

6 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

I just listened to Episode 1 - great interview with TravelAbility!

6 months ago

thanks Ian! That's really kind of you - much appreciated. I've got more episodes on the way over the coming weeks too. Thanks for the support!

6 months ago
travel writer, marjorieturner.com

Great topic, appreciate Marcus' straightforward approach to the topic.

6 months ago
CEO/Co-Founder, Ablevu

Excited to hear this podcast exists! An incredibly important topic!

25 days ago
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Accessible Tourism Podcast

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