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Jessica Fradono
Travel Writer @TheDishstance. Photographer / Founder @TRVLR. Designs, TRVLR. Designs

I am a photographer, AirBNB Superhost, writer, full time slow traveler and future B&B/boutique hotel owner. I do not believe in speeding through a country to check it off of a list. I like to stay as long as possible to learn about the people, food, culture, religion, history and all the small details. The last 3+ years I've spent on the road has taught me so much and it has been a great source of inspiration. I specialize in traveling on a medium-sized budget - delicious, inexpensive food and finding accommodations that are beautiful, clean and unique, yet affordable. I worked in hotels for over 20 years, and do enjoy a luxury hotel every now and then too. I hope to share some of my favorite parts of the world with you!

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