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Ted Cragg
Podcast Manager, Audio Editor, Ted Cragg Travel Podcasting

My name is Ted, I am a podcast producer, audio editor and consultant, with an emphasis on travel podcasting.

Ours is an industry with so much to offer the world of podcasting, everything from great stories and inspirational people, useful advice, tips and recommendations, to deeply motivating, meaningful conversations, all drawn from a desire to see and experience the world.

My mission is to increase the quantity and quality of travel podcasts out there, and help my fellow professionals and businesses stand out and connect with their audience.

As a professional tour guide and tour director, I draw from the same foundations of research, preparation, stories, facts and trivia that go equally well in podcast form. It's a great crossover medium for anyone who has guided and wants to do more, or who wants to maintain those skills and abilities.

Check out my website and let me know what some of your ideas are for a podcast, or what your existing show is. I would love to connect!

March 2019
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Connect with folks in the industry, share some ideas and be inspired.