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Wild For Scotland
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May 2022
Sharing immersive travel stories and interviews from Scotland in a podcast

🎧 Wild for Scotland is a podcast is for Scotland-lovers around the world who miss travel and the opportunity to visit.

The show allows you to connect with the country through stories, indulge in a little bit of escapism and dream up future trips. Each episode includes an immersive story as well as a few practical trips to inspire future trips.

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1 month ago

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Travel Blogger, Watch Me See: Blog, Tours & Itineraries

Hi everyone, I launched my podcast during the pandemic as a way to make people feel connected with Scotland no matter where they are in the world and regardless of their future travel plans. I tell stories from trips all over Scotland and have recently started interviewing locals about their lives and stories too. I hope you enjoy it!

2 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Kathi, thanks for sharing your podcast with the Travel Massive community. I’ve just subscribed and looking forward to listening!

2 months ago
Travel Blogger, Watch Me See: Blog, Tours & Itineraries

I hope you enjoy the stories and conversations ☺️

2 months ago
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