Rebecca Arnold
Founder and Content Creator, Rebecca and the World
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Hey! I'm Rebecca, an Australian who's returned home after 8 years living abroad. I've visited almost 40 countries and lived on three continents.

I run Rebecca and the World, a travel blog that aims to help people with limited time to travel more. My readers have careers and mortgages, but they’re also passionate about making time to explore the world. On my site I share the best things to see, do and eat in any given city or region I visit. I do all the planning, which means more time for travelling for my busy readers.

With full time jobs, my readers generally have more disposable income to spend on the good stuff – a nice meal out, a decent hotel. They’re looking for authentic and meaningful experiences that give them an insider’s perspective. They’re independent and curious, and while they love exploring cities, they’re also often up for an outdoors adventure.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my husband and our dog - the cutest Frenchie in the world!

April 2018
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