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Molly Shane
Founder, Molly Gone Wild

I grew up in California, amidst redwoods, coastal fog, and farm fields full of artichokes. Growing up immersed in nature, I developed a serious love for the wild places and animals that make our planet so special. This love, paired with a passion for travel and exploration, has led me to many remarkable places, from the deserts of Namibia to the coral reefs of Palau.

I started Molly Gone Wild because I believe that tourism, when done right, can be good for people, the environment, and the economy. As a writer and blogger, I am always looking for opportunities to collaborate with innovative brands and destinations that promote responsible, sustainable tourism.

I have a background in International Environmental Policy, with a focus on sustainable tourism, and Anthropology & Sociology, with a focus on community-based wildlife conservation. I also have extensive experience in marketing, communications, and branding, and environmental education.