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Meetups are social gatherings that bring people together to share ideas. When you combine people and ideas, magic happens! New innovations, businesses and friendships are created when we get together. This is why in-person, local meetups are so important for the future of our industry. Plus, they are fun!

The pandemic impacted many of our chapter leaders and community members, and prevented local gatherings from taking place. Cities are open again, so we're rebuilding our network of local meetups.

Travel Massive is the largest international community for tour operators, content creators, and startups to meet freely and collaborate. Local chapters are independently operated by their own members.

If you'd like to take over this group, simply get in contact with us and organize a meetup.

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Portland Travel Massive

A travel community in Portland
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Located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, Portland is a vibrant city known for its bohemian culture, innumerable breweries, unparalleled organic cuisine, and environmental consciousness. The mix of its serene natural beauty and colorful city life continues to draw in a diverse group of artists, writers, and travelers. Portland Travel Massive aims to gather many different faces of the travel industry, providing a valuable platform for human connection.

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Travel Podcaster, Travel Gluten Free

Hi all! I've recently done a series on Gluten free Portland! Check out Travel gluten free podcast for more.

1 year ago
Product Development and Operation, Last Frontiers Trekking

Hi Tribe
I am a DMC from Nepal, and I am spending a year here in the US for a year. Would love to connect in person, when and if i am in the Portland area.

5 months ago