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Michelle Loftus
⭐️ Community Leader • Travel Consultant for South Western France, The Loftus Guides

I love to help people make the most of their trip to south west France. From planning retreats for coaches and leaders, to tours for associations or family groups, I want to make sure everyone goes home feeling like they experienced something very special.
I do extensive research after a consultation to provide a series of options for people to pick from, and I can help with bookings as well if language is a barrier.
I can also accompany the tour as a facilitator, on request.
It takes many hours to research a trip - not everyone has the time, and a great deal of information for France is only available in French - and that's where I come in! :)

The big dream? A network of tours and guides, in Carcassonne and throughout the region. Finding and adding locals with passion to offer various tours for different interests- food, cooking, wine tasting, history and so on.
Creating and developing a website, Travel Carcassonne, that will serve the public superbly as they search for activities, accommodations, etc.
Of course there are many resources, but it takes hours and hours to research them all. So the intention is to bring a lot of that information under one umbrella. :)


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I want to join so I can network and support as well as learn from others. :)