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Juliana Dever
Travel Blogger, Tour Curator, TV Host, Goat Cuddler, CleverDever Wherever
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About me

Received Gold Medal for Best Independent Travel Blog, 2018 by the North American Travel Journalists Association in January 2019.

Blog helps readers find unexpected experiences in unusual places.

Now curating reader tours. My inaugural tour to the country of Georgia - which focused on authentic cultural connections, soft adventure, and immersive experiences - sold out in three hours. I'm creating three new tours for 2020 (two more to Georgia and one to Slovenia) and plan to expand to the Baltics and the Middle East in the future.

I love meeting locals, tackling overtourism through diversion to less-touristed spots, and sustainable travel practices. Also? I'm a pescetarian foodie, goat magnet, wine collector, and Eurovision expert.

Why did you join the community?

invited by Erika Helstrom at the Women in Travel Summit, would like to meet others in the LA travel community

What is your favorite travel destination?

How do I choose? I can't possibly choose. Favorites this year: Georgia (country not the state), Middle East

Where do you dream of traveling to?

Anything former Yugoslavia or USSR

What was your first travel job?

TWA, reservations, frequent flier dept and then inflight entertainment

What do you want to learn more about?

Love hearing other people's stories, cultures, cuisines

Three words that describe why we should travel?

perspective, humility, adventure and wine. Oops that was four. ;)