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Wowzitude Virtual tours designed for the culturally curious

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Wowzitude's is a virtual tour platform, designed for armchair travelers. It takes you, your community or group on LIVE, guided virtual walks in cities around the world, twice each week, from the comfort and safety of residences or community rooms.

Interactive, live-streamed virtual walking tours feature moderators and local guides eager to Zoom in, and introduce groups to their favorite spots. Tours are unscripted and unedited, so every experience is unique and exciting.

Seniors can experience 104 weekly, affordable global tours and "travel chats" with people who are part of their real-life circle. Recordings enable on-demand viewing for all community members.

Activities include interactive tours and chats plus country-specific recipes and drinks for additional cooking/cart activities, promoting fully immersive experiences.

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Hi, I'm Susan Black, founder of award-winning Wowzitude, live-stream, interactive virtual tours in 100+ cities, allowing older adults to stay connected with the world and engage with new experiences while staying safe and comfortable in their own homes.

Wowzitude began as a solution to a problem faced by so many older adults during the pandemic. My mother was one of the many who struggled with the isolation and loss of community caused by the lockdown in her senior living community.

With our shared lifelong love of travel, I was inspired to create Wowzitude: a community-based live, virtual travel club that brings the world to armchair travelers, connecting like-minded culturally curious adventurers to exciting destinations introduced by engaging local storytellers, while also providing a platform for meaningful conversations and building new relationships.

I continue to be motivated by my passion to help mitigate social isolation, depression, and anxiety among older adults. By offering virtual travel opportunities, I hope to bring joy, engagement, and connection to seniors.

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I think it's a really good idea to focus on elderly community homes. What is your way to reach those residences? How many of them do you partner with already?

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