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Web3 Travelers

An in-person community for Web3 travelers
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July 2022
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Connecting and empowering Web3 travelers with new, meaningful experiences.

Web3 Travelers brings Web3 native people together in unique places around the world and provide them with meaningful experiences and real H2H (human to human) relationships. We're focused on experiences that connect different Web3 travelers and strengthen the sense of belonging that we all strive for.

Our community is new — but we're planning to grow through:

➡️ Building a community of Web3 and crypto savvy travelers online and IRL.
➡️ Organizing retreats and events around the world where web3 people and communities can come together and build meaningful relationships
➡️ Educating about new Web3 travel trends (newsletter, podcast, etc.)
➡️ Innovate and test the use of new technologies in the travel sector

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Tourism Consultant, FromZero Alliance

Hi everyone! I'm Rudi and together with my colleague Jaka, we founded the Web3 Travelers community. We've been exploring the Web3 space for a while now and been part of some cool communities. The adoption of Web3 services set a domino effect that is impacting every industry in the world. And travel is no different.

The travel industry is also slowly riding the Web3 bandwagon, with new decentralized organizations and services being built from the ground up. Most of them seem to be doing the accommodation part. We need these decentralized services. But we also need new experiences, i.e. activities that give us a sense of place, and easier connections between like-minded people.

Our mission is to connect and empower Web3 native travelers with new meaningful experiences. We started this by organizing the 1st Web3 retreat in Slovenia and our next stop is a Greek island, where we will organize our next camping retreat! If anyone is interested, please fill out the interest form. We will launch more information soon. Interest form:

6 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Rudi, thanks for sharing Web3 Travelers with the Travel Massive community!

Bringing people together in-person is always the best way to start projects and get new ideas to happen, so I think this is a great idea.

Is the community specifically for a) people looking to build Web3 ideas in travel, or b) to allow Web3 people to travel while building their ideas?

I've seen a few meetups hosted by Winding Tree at various Web3 events, so perhaps they would be worthwhile getting in touch with.

Good luck with the project, and looking forward to visiting one of your retreats! :)

6 months ago (edited)
Tourism Consultant, FromZero Alliance

Hi Ian, glad you like our idea and thanks for letting us show it to the community!

The idea is to build Web3 native travel services together with our community members, with which we're going to target Web3 people who travel and also need a sense of community. Hope that answers your question :)

Good idea for Winding Tree! Thanks for the recommendation. I also look forward to seeing you at our events ;)

6 months ago

Two weeks ago we organized the first dinner in Slovenia using NFTs as tickets. You can learn more about in the blog post we prepared:

Let us know, if there is something that interests you about NFT ticketing.

4 months ago
Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Jaka, thanks for sharing the article. Really interesting to see the application of NFTs in the real world, well done! What crypto did you use to mint the NFTs and what were the fees to issue them?

Also, great video too — sharing below for readers:

4 months ago

Thanks Ian for your questions. We used the Ethereum network. Yes there were some fees associated with our choice of blockchain. There was a fee of 40 € to mint 10 NFTs. But you know, it will be better in the future. Now you just take a hit, for the future of innovation :)

3 months ago