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Vouryia Handcrafted travel & culinary experiences in East Attica region in Greece

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Vouryia is a boutique travel agency based in Athens – we provide travel and culinary experiences in East Attica region in Greece πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

Athens is an inexhaustible resource of heritage and culture, so rich in history, sights, and tradition, as to be overwhelming. But there is so much to explore beyond Athens. This is why we have chosen the region of East Attica as a field of exploration. Our aim is to provide bespoke culinary experiences based on authenticity and locality.

The story of our brand
Vouryia, is a handwoven backpack originally used by shepherds and farmers in rural Crete. It usually contained a piece of bread, a flask of wine, a knife and sometimes a flute. They packed inside everything that was essential for their journey up the mountains. Sometimes they also kept herbs found abundantly in the hills or a piece of wood that they would transform into a toy with their knife. Deeply connected with nature and tradition, they needed very little to be happy.

Today Vouryia is mostly used as a keepsake.

Our origins from Crete and our love for the local heritage inspired us to use β€œVouryia” as a symbol of exploration.

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Founder of Vouryia, Vouryia

Hello everyone! I am Marina Kavallieraki, founder of Vouryia, Handcrafted Travel Experiences.
Delivering authentic local experiences is in our agency’s DNA.

Every experience is planned together with locals so that you can enjoy authentic Greek hospitality. We believe that the best kind of travel is built with the warmth you receive from a destination and its people and the stories they share. We also believe that holidays are more enjoyable if they do good. That is why our experiences are carefully designed in order to make a positive impact on both the environment and local communities.

That is why we have set out our own "We care" program where we recycle and reuse, we participate in local clean-ups, and last but not least, we support small family-owned businesses located in the area. We have also decided to give locals a voice through our Blog where they can share family memories and stories with you.

Feel free to visit our website for more info or contact me at info@vouryia.com for more details.

Greetings from
Athens Greece!

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Marina, thanks for sharing Vouryia with the Travel Massive community!

When are the best months to visit East Attica region in Greece?

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Founder of Vouryia, Vouryia

East Attica is beautiful in all four seasons, but I would say that Spring and Autumn are my favorite ones. In Spring you can enjoy nature full of colors and you can easily wander around without being exhausted by the summer heat. September is my favorite month though because it’s the vine harvest season, and well the air smells like …wine!

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