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Tukio Plan and book your safari itinerary in a few clicks

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Planning your safari should be as exciting as being on a game drive and spotting your first lion! We have been there, and we know that it can become overwhelming very quickly, especially for first timers.

This is why we are building Tukio:

🧭 Discover and book your accommodation, inland transportation and activities all in one place
πŸ” Transparency: See what you can get for your budget without having to wait for quotes
⭐️ Quality: We carefully select our partners and make sure our listings match reality
βœ… Payment: We collect payments securely, so you don’t have to worry about making transfers

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Co-Founder, Tukio

Hi Travel Massive Community,

I am Marina, the co-founder of Tukio (gotukio.com)

How it started
I went to Kenya for the first time a year ago, and naturally wanted to go on a safari. I soon discovered that this is a market that works mainly by word of mouth or through multiple emails and quote requests to travel agents. I thought in 2023, there must be a better way to do this.

Introducing Tukio
Our mission at Tukio is to bring transparency to the Safari market and allow our users to discover destinations, lodges and activities, and see what they can get for their budget without having to request and wait for quotes from lodges or travel agents.

We launched an MVP for our product a few months ago in the Masai Mara and have since added Amboseli and Lake Naivasha in Kenya. Our objective is to get feedback on the product from avid travelers and safari-goers before designing the next version of our product.

Special Offer for the Travel Massive Community:
As we are still collecting feedback, we would like to offer the Travel Massive community an exclusive code for $150 off any booking made using the code TMC24. You can enter the code at check-out.

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Founder, Travel Massive

Hi Marina, thanks for sharing Tukio with the Travel Massive (and offering a discount!).

Where is your conpany based? Also, what has been your biggest challenge so far developing your business?

Who in the Travel Massive network would you most like to connect with? If you haven’t already, our members search will help you find operators and members in various countries in Africa! There’s also a few Travel Massive chapters, including Nairobi, Lagos, Joburg and Cape Town.

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Co-Founder, Tukio

Hi Ian! We launched Tukio out of Nairobi but will soon be expanding outside of Kenya. At the moment the biggest challenge is getting people to know us and trust us for their Safari booking.

As Safaris are big trips and most people are not familiar with African destinations, it can be difficult to trust a brand new website that has very few reviews. At the moment the biggest help we can get is spreading the word across travelers, as well as outbound travel agents who would be interested in adding Africa to their destination portfolios. This way we can start building a strong base of early adopters in order to solve this "chicken and egg" problem.

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Co-founding Director & Cultural Tour Guide, Victoria West Tours (Pty) Ltd

Africa has the best safari experiences

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