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Timeshifter is an app that helps you adjust caffeine intake, the amount of sleep, and exposure to light before you travel to a new timezone, to avoid jet lag. The app is available on iOS and Android and includes a free trial.

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Founder, Travel Massive

I discovered this app on one of my favorite newsletters (Dense Discovery) and thought I'd share it here with the Travel Massive community.

I've practiced a few of the techniques on my travels to-from Australia over the years, so it's interesting to see an app that makes these tips more accessible for travelers.

If you've got other tips for jet lag, please share below in the comments!

26 days ago (edited)
Travel Blogger, Scuba Hank NYC

About a year, the resort I was staying at gave us a comp. Lots of the techniques the app suggests, I've been doing naturally. However, having an app that structures the process helps a lot!

25 days ago