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Norway Travel Documentary A ten week roadtrip exploring all of Norway

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🇳🇴 A travel documentary by German filmmakers Lucas and Anna – driving more than 14,000 km in ten weeks exploring all of Norway, from Kap Lindesnes in the far south to the Nordkapp in the far north.

Anna and Lucas’ YouTube channel (with almost 100k subscribers!) also features documentaries to Iceland, Portugal, Maldives, and more destinations.

See more of their travel documentaries at www.ruggedroadtrips.com

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Content & Community Manager, Travel Massive

I discovered this travel documentary on my social media feed and was impressed by the quality and storytelling! Very captivating content to see not only if you're interested in Norway.

1 year ago (edited)
Founder, Travel Massive

Really enjoyed watching this "doco" (as we call them in Australia). Some great drone footage and scenery. Well worth a watch.

1 year ago
Founder, 1teaspoonlove


1 year ago
YouTube | Marketing Strategist, African Travel Crew

Love this. Inspiring. Add Norway to bucket list immediate ✅

1 year ago

Norway, a country of rocks, woods and home of prosperity

1 year ago

Great video, almost like I was there looking over your shoulders. Thank you. I see you must have used drones for some of the shots? If so, the video was very stable.

1 year ago
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Norway Travel Documentary

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